16 Brunch Cocktails You Really Need To Know


Because September is Better Breakfast month, we're sharing some unique and downright delicious cocktails to enjoy at your next breakfast or brunch. We're sharing our favorites from this list of 16 brunch cocktails you really need to know from Epicurious. Enjoy!

Golden Sunset 

Bloody Mary haters, this one's for you. This Bloody Mary ditches canned tomato juice (and the tinned flavor) for the freshly pressed stuff made from Sun Gold or yellow tomatoes.

How to Pronounce Curaçao, and 31 Other Tricky Liquor Names

 © oneinchpunch

You don’t have to be drunk for liquor pronunciation to be tricky. With wines, spirits, beer, and liqueurs from all over the world showing becoming more popular, you have to know a million different languages to keep from sounding like a square when you order drink. The desire to sound like you know what you’re talking about when you’re out for drinks can discourage us from trying something new. I’ve had my fair share of waiters and bartenders that smirked at my honest attempts to take a guess at an unusual drink name.

15 Wine Slushies You Need to Drink Outside This Summer

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Your cold, boozy summer drink is just a bottle of cheap wine away. Throw some frozen fruit, your choice of wine, and maybe some ice cubes into a blender, and pour it into an icy glass. It doesn't get much easier than that.

1. Strawberry Peach Wine Slushies from Hungry Happens 

This colorful wine slushy requires a bottle of white wine (like sauvignon blanc) and some frozen strawberries and peaches.