Fall Party Ideas

fall party ideas

Often overshadowed by its holidays -- Halloween and Thanksgiving -- the season of autumn can also make a delightful party theme! While the autumn-themed parties you've attended may have focused on children, there are a couple of twists on fall that can make an autumn party an appropriate choice for adults, as well. Whether you're looking for a rowdy, lively party or something more elegant, a seasonal party can be the ideal choice for uniting your guests around a common theme.

  1. Colors of Fall Party

    • If you live in a region where the trees change color in fall, like the Northeast or the Northwest, this can inspire your guests to appreciate their environment; if you live in a warmer climate, like Southern California or Florida, your party can give your guests a taste of what they're missing.

      Pick a few shades around which you'll center the party; they should be traditional fall shades. Brown, red, orange and yellow all make excellent choices, especially in combination. Pick out a tablecloth, plates, and crepe paper in mixtures of these colors. You can also decorate with leaves for a finishing touch. Be careful, as real leaves can fade and wilt before the day of the party; you can find fake leaves at many party stores, and they'll stay beautiful throughout your party.

    Harvest Party

    • Autumn is the traditional time for a harvest. For a harvest party, stick to the autumn palate described above, with lots of fall colors and leaves. However, you can add certain farming elements, like corn and wheat as centerpieces. (Colorful Indian corn makes a beautiful centerpiece). Turkey and pumpkin pie make the perfect food choices for a harvest party; just make sure your guests aren't sick of them after Thanksgiving! If your party is too close to the holiday, try foods like corn, chicken, and other wholesome choices.

    Pumpkin Party

    • Pumpkin carving doesn't have to be just for kids. In fact, you'll be surprised at the creativity and skill of your friends if you let them carve their own pumpkins! To make the pumpkin party more adult and less childish, search for a local pumpkin-carving artist online (or even a sculptor who is looking for a side job) and hire her to show off her skills and teach your friends new ways of carving pumpkins. Make sure you have at least two pumpkins per guest, for guests who want a second shot after a botched pumpkin-carving attempt. Your friends will be happy to take their new skills home to their kids and show off what they've learned.