10 Halloween Cocktails That Are Even Better Than Your Costume

 © arinahabich

Hard to believe anything can beat your zombie Guy Fieri costume. But these drink recipes just might. Your Zombie Guy Fieri look is ON POINT, which is why you need a drink that's every bit as awesome. We've got a few ideas.

Sweet Poison Cocktail

At the Jekyll and Hyde Club in New York, it's always Halloween, but on Oct. 31st, it's one of the hottest spots to be in Manhattan. (The location's pretty convenient too--it's just steps away from where the Village Halloween Parade ends.) We asked the bartenders to share their top five scary-good cocktails with us, like this fruity, Blue Hawaiian-esque Sweet Poison Cocktail.

The Zombie Cocktail

This drink is deceptively potent, thanks to the shot of Bacardi 151 rum floating on top.

The Risen from the Grave Cocktail 

If the thought of swilling vodka and St. Germain seems intense for your first sip, give the drink a swirl with your straw to mix in the strawberry puree.

Transformation Cocktail 

The Jekyll and Hyde Club calls this drink the "Transformation," because you don't taste the alcohol in it—and then you stand up after downing a glass and realize the room's blurrier than you ever remember it being. Strange.

Good And Evil Cocktail 

Jekyll and Hyde Club's owners didn't explain the name behind this drink, but we'd have to guess that after downing a few, you'd go from "This tastes so good!" to waking up this next morning, head pounding and declaring it one evil, horrible, no good, very cruel cocktail. The Midori, pineapple juice and Sierra Mist make it taste like a liquid Jolly Rancher—but don't forget it's about half-full of alcohol.

Blood Orange Margaritas

You could make regular margaritas, but Halloween calls for a little something extra. Plus, they're blood oranges. You get to be gimmicky without going all fake fangs and candy blood on people. (Though bonus points to you if you do.)

Bloody Black Currant Punch  

This four-ingredient punch couldn't be easier to make, but the end result is showstopping: Currant nectar gives the drink its blood-red hue.

Dark And Stormies 

Pro tip: Freeze ginger beer in an ice cube tray so that the drink never gets watered down. It'll help you pace yourself, so you don't wind up making out with the guy in the gorilla costume—only to realize that it's just a really, really hairy man later.

Mulled Red Wine 

If your party style is more Williams Sonoma cut-glass onyx tumblers than Party City plastic Jack O' Lantern cups, you need to serve mulled wine. Fennel seeds and cinnamon spice up this version.

Vampire Kiss Martini 

If you're hosting a Halloween party, you might as well go all out. Sandra Lee suggests garnishing this Champagne cocktail with a set of gummy wax teeth, but you could also try blood orange slices, licorice or gummy worms.

For more Halloween cocktails to spook your guests, please visit Delish.com.