Holiday Party Planning Tips

The holiday season is just right around the corner and will be here before you know it! Isn’t it exciting to think about the holiday activities in Philadelphia, especially if you are throwing your own Christmas or holiday party? As the host of a party, now it is time to start thinking of the top 10 things to do for planning a party, and Tir Na Nog is here to help you out!

1. Venue/Date


This should be the first thing anyone does when hosting a party. Pick the date and venue BEFORE you plan anything else! Knowing where you are holding the party gives you a heads up on how many people you can invite, how much food and drinks you will need to have, and most importantly, get the perfect venue before someone else chooses it! Having the date already in mind will allow you to pick the perfect venue.

2. Theme


Picking a theme for your party can really make it exciting! You can choose from it being a winter wonderland to an ugly sweater party (this one is our favorite!). You can dress, decorate and have food according for your theme. If it is a winter wonderland themed party, you can have cupcakes with snowflakes iced on top! If you decide to go with an ugly sweater party, make sure you to let everyone going that there will be a prize for the ugliest sweater at the end of the night. A themed party is always much more fun than any other party!

3. Make the Guest List


Now that you have you venue, date and themed picked out, it is now time to get the guest list together. Try to invite people who may or may not know each other, so there are new faces for people to start up a conversation with.

4. Invitation/RSVP


If you are having a themed party, make your invitations related to that theme! For example, if you decide on the ugly sweater party, make/buy invitations that look like sweaters so people know automatically that it’s an ugly sweater party! You can send them out via e-mail, postal mail or a Facebook event. Make sure to include the date, time, place and RSVP information inside.

 5. Menu


Choose food that can be easily eaten while standing up, and not super messy. Always have cheese, fruit and crackers and other foods that you can just pop in your mouth (everyone loves those!). Remember to have food choices for vegetarians and vegans, too.

6.  Planning out the Party


This is where you need to decide if there is going to be activities at your party. Will you have snack food, then play a game, have the main dishes, and then mingle, or do you just want people to mingle on their own? It is whatever you want your party to be like.

7. Gifts


It’s important specify about bringing a gift before the party so that no one shows up empty handed. Some people have a Toys-for-Tots drive, a Secret Santa, or a gift swap. Make sure to give all the details in your invitation!

8. Music/Playlist


Get all of your favorite holiday songs and current music out today to make the perfect playlist to dance and sing along to!

9. Relax


Planning for a party for a large group can become stressful. Just relax and know that everything is going to go well! Everyone will have a great time; so don’t put the pressure on yourself.



Make sure to take lots of pictures so you can remember your holiday party for years to come!